Friday, July 13, 2012

These Hack Scouts Need your Vote!

A build project that the kids & I have been talking about for awhile is now back on the drawing board after consistent demand by the kids. Originally our plans were to build a working replica of the robot  K9 from the TV show Doctor Who but also add in some options to make K9 more of a security drone for the house as well as add in our own touch of sensors & internet integration.

While talking about plans of what it was we wanted our K9 unit to do the subject of building a world destroying alien race robot called the Daleks came into play instead of a lovable metal pup.

After deciding to switch our plans from the lovable K9 to a evil Dalek we started researching build plans. After getting a good idea from hundreds of others who to have chosen to create this type of replica we will be following the designs & planning of while still adding in our own range of upgrades & sensors. This type of build offers the kids not only a chance to build on of the most iconic characters from one of their favorite TV shows but also gives them a hands of approach to fabrication, CNC, electrical, motor controls & sensors. Now the question we are asking the Internet is do we go full scale or a mini. On the top right side of this page please submit your vote for either a Full Size Dalek or a Small Scale Dalek.

We would like the thank Atlantic Drives & Bearings of Vineland, NJ who have offered to sponsor  the drive portion of our Dalek no matter the size we choose in the end. We are very grateful for the amount of support shown to the kids on their "Hack Scouts" interest and would like to thank all of you who have sent emails offering to donate to our building efforts. Unfortunately at this time we are not taking donations, but if you would like to donate to this & further projects we ask for gift cards for materials & parts at these fine online retailers.

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