Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hack Scouts Update: Mar 4-12

Figured I'd post a brief update on the kids in their "Hack Scouts" efforts to learn technology.

After earning their soldering badges the girls are currently working on earning their "Micro Controller" & "Multimeter" badges. For the Micro Controller badge we have already picked up a Boarduino an Arduino clone from Adafruit Industries to use in a wearable electronic project.

We choose an Boarduino for it's small size in our wearable over using a LilyPad only cause we're waiting for the FLORA from Adafruit , but the wearable uses quick connects making it able to be upgraded once the FLORA ships. 

I can't give to many details on what the current wearable is as the kids want to keep the project a secret, but I can say the project is defiantly a cool idea with a touch of a thank you to Adafruit for their donation of a $100 gift certificate to the girls for their work with assembling the Adafruit Motor Shield & earning their soldering badges.

A brief example of the Open Source workbook they've been using towards their multimeter badge is shown below along with a combination of oral lectures with a focus of hands on examples has given the kids an interest in expanding their knowledge of electronics further.

Before the final exam test is given  we will be taking a  trip to an industrial production facility and a machine shop to receive lessons & see examples of how high & low currents can work together to produce the food we eat and the everyday items we use.

The Exam part of the test they will be taking to earn the multimeter badge is a two part reward as not only will they receive the badge upon passing the exam, but also their own personal  multimeter. Below like above is just a brief example of what the exam test looks like.

The full workbook & exam will be posted as Open Source after the kids are done their lessons to see how well the book really works on teaching electricity to younger kids ages 5 & up.

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  1. This sounds great! I can't wait to see the finished workbook and exams. My wife is homeschooling our two children and they already love Snap Circuits. I'd love to get them learning more about how everything works.