Thursday, February 23, 2012

Rainy Day Telephone Fix

Looking at my cordless handset the other night I had noticed that the display said 'Line In Use' figuring that maybe one of the kids sat on the phone by mistake and turned it on I proceeded to double check all the cordless phones in the house to see which one was turned on. To my surprise non of the phones were on and for once sitting in there respective chargers for a change.

After unplugging the cordless phone base and testing for dial tone on a corded phone I had nothing just dead air on the line and when trying to  call the house from my cell it rang busy. I proceeded to head outside to test the corded phone on the customer service panel side of my telephone box to see if it was a company issue or an internal one. As I approached the side of my house I found the problem without having to do much more investigation, from age, wind, or an animal the telephone box cover was open laying on the ground with the telephone circuits soaked from the rain.

For those with no experience with basic electronics or even simple wiring knowledge the reason for no dial tone & why when calling the house phone from my cell and only a hearing a busy signal is because the water from the rain was joining the the connections. The fastest way to solve this problem was an extension cord , & a heat gun.

Opening the telephone company only side of the phone-box I dried off all the contacts and wires in the whole box on a low heat setting as not to melt anything. After everything was dried I tested the phone line and sure enough it worked perfect. I would recommend to anyone having issues with static or even the same problem that I had to double check your telephone access box for water on the line or even moisture.

If your outside box is damaged in anyway other then deliberate it is the phone company's responsibility to replace the unit with no charge to you, as they own the wires from the street to your house.

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